Chris Bird

Chris Bird

Most serious games of chess are, and have always been, played using chess clocks. The main reason for using a chess clock is so that the game does not take an infinite amount of time to play. Even correspondence chess, played via regular mail or email, has a limit to the amount of days/weeks/months a player can use for moves to ensure a game does not go on forever.However, the world of chess clocks can be a daunting one, especially to beginners although even the most experienced professionals sometimes have problems getting to grips with new clocks and time control…
02 April 2008
At the recent Frank K. Berry US Championship Qualifier there was one “ruling,” which has been noted in the Chess Life Online report by Tom Braunlich and Dana Mackenzie’s Blog, related to keeping score while in time trouble.Apparently, Grandmaster Alex Ivanov was not keeping score with less than 5 minutes remaining on his clock. The time control for the tournament was Game/90 minutes with a 30 second increment per move. His opponent, FIDE Master Todd Andrews, rightly complained to the Arbiter and Ivanov was given a warning and told he had to keep score.
Of all the many wonderful people out there in the chess world that are blogging, writing, working and involved in chess, you might be wondering why MonRoi asked me to do a blog on their website, especially under a section called “Experts.” I also asked the same question! Hopefully the rest of this page will shed some light on the subject.My Chess Background I was a fairly late starter, not joining a chess club in my home town of Hull, England, until I was about 15. Of course, I had played chess at school but nothing as serious as going to…


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