I am returning back to Memphis shortly after the start of Round 4 (2 pm). So you will not see any blogging from me until tonight. When I get home, I will blog more on specific games with some light analysis.

The remaining rounds will continue to be broadcasted live via MonRoi. The TD is now very proficient with the MonRoi equipment.

This proves that anyone can quickly learn and successfully run the system with very minimal intervention from MonRoi. There was a concern at first, which required help from Technical Support but got resolved even before we could speak to anybody at MonRoi.

Most technical issues are caused by overlooking or misreading something in the manual. Ron Braud literally did not see the system until the start of Round 1. Yet he ran the system with very little assistance from me starting Round 3.

Round 1 was delayed because my laptop kept on crashing on me. We quickly loaded the players’ names on Ron’s laptop and managed to start the round some 20 minutes later. Since the short delay in round one and the corruption of the PGN file, the live broadcast of the games has been running unusually smooth.

Round 3 Results

Shepherd (0) – West (1)
Macaspac (1) – Drake (0)
King (0) – Pitts (1)
Floto (0) – Donovan (1)
Duke (1/2) – Baniel (1/2)
Fissel (1) – Corona (0)


Standings After Round 3

1-2. Macaspac, Pitts – 3 Points

3-4. Donovan, Baniel – 2 Points

5-7. Drake, King, Duke – 1.5 Points

8-9. Corona, West – 1 Points

10-11. Shepherd, Floto – 0 Point