My rabbit Abba keeps me company while I write this blog, articles, and books (Children and Chess, and Science, Math, Checkmate). He was adopted from a shelter, and is litter-box trained. See the House Rabbit Society Web site for how to keep a rabbit as an indoor pet. In this photo, Abba poses next to a MonRoi flyer. I usually do not write poetry, but will share my poem about Abba.



My rabbit's work
My writing companion is under my chair.
I type on the keyboard as he sits there.
Then he nudges my leg with his pink velvet nose.
I reach down to pet him, interrupting my prose.
His head lowers, his hind legs stretch out.
This is what working is all about.

 Do you have a pet for company when you write, study chess, relax, or work? Please share in the Comments.