Seven boys and two girls showed up January 26 after school for chess club. Here was the lesson plan that we followed.

Objectives: Students will work in trainer-trainee groups on the rook section of the trainer-trainee worksheet. They may then go on to another section of the trainee worksheet of their choice, or go over a previously played chess game (post mortem).

Materials needed: Our bin of chess supplies and a classroom with hook for my demonstration board.

Procedure: Start class promptly at 3:45. If dry-erase board available, have outline of procedure on the dry erase board as follows:

1) Blindfold square game: one half of the class against another. For 1 point: name color of the square. For 3 points: your rook is on xx square on an empty board. Tell how to get it to yy square in two moves or less. Each student can answer two questions for their side of the room. Based on pages 17-19 of Read, Write, Checkmate: Enrich Literacy with Chess Activities.

2) Snack

3) Simon Says (outdoors)

4) Trainer-Trainee day

  1. a) must cover the rook section of the trainer-trainee manual
  2. b) can cover one additional section of the trainer's choice (may ask trainee for his or her preference of what to cover)
  3. c) also possible to go over a past game (post mortem)

5) Pack up supplies at 4:50 p.m