For March 2, I had two new boys for a total of 9 (7 boys, 2 girls). This is the lesson plan and also what actually happened today.

Objectives: Students will use algebraic chess notation to read and write chess. Students will propose a best move for presented positions from a game between two of their classmates and tell why they chose that move.

Materials needed: demonstration board, pencils, paper.


1. Present three positions from the last few moves of the game Katy versus Taireek from February 23. Students write down which move should have been played and why. Compliment Katy and Taireek on their perfect notation.

2. Snack. Talk about talent show practice, audition, and performance dates. Weather nice, so we went outside.

3. Students individually or in pairs solve page 4 (checkmates in one using a N) of School Mates magazine (January 1999 issue). They must write out the answers in notation using paper and pencil.

4. Pack up at 4:50 p.m. Students may take home the magazines if they wish.