This week I had five boys and two girls. Some students may have forgotten it was chess day because Monday was the MLKjr. holiday. So today was the first day of a school week and a Tuesday.

Here was my lesson plan for January 19:

Objectives: Students will learn or review the concepts of promotion and passed pawn through a review of the Pawn Game (taught by trainers in week one) and by playing

 Battleship Chess. Students will play charades to demonstrate knowledge of chessmen through bodily-kinesthetic activities.

Materials needed: Our bin of chess supplies and a classroom with hook for my demonstration board.

Procedure: Start class promptly at 3:45. If chalkboard available, have outline of procedure on the chalkboard as follows:

  1. Discuss the Pawn Game from Week One by asking trainers and trainees what were the secrets to success of winning the Pawn Game. Directions for the Pawn Game can be found in Science, Math, Checkmate: 32 Chess Activities for Inquiry and Problem Solving, page 16. Answers should include noticing when one could capture a pawn for free and creating a passed pawn.
  2. Tell students that after snack at 4 p.m. we will play Battleship Chess. The lesson plan for Battleship Chess is on pp. 81-83 of Children and Chess: A Guide for Educators.
  3. Have snack (4 p.m.)
  4. Outdoors for Chess Charades (see page 77 of Children and Chess: A Guide for Educators). One modification of Chess Charades is that the students will play as individuals with one charade guess each. Each student jogs in place until he or she makes a charades guess. After guess is made, student stands still. By popular demand, we played Simon Says again.

5. Battleship chess (play white and black against one person, then find another person and play white and black against them).

  1. Discuss what strategies worked in Battleship chess.

7. Pack up materials at 4:50 p.m. and dismiss.