Today was the USCF Chess in Education workshop. Most of the presenters used handouts, but the two Power Point presentations (by Michael Bowden and Russell Harwood) should be available soon on the USCF Chess in Education Web site. At that site, you can also view slides from past Chess in Education workshops. More about the workshop in my upcoming Chess Life report.

At the workshop today, one of the participants mentioned he had read, on this blog, about William drawing me. And, later, Jerry Hanken asked William if he was the chess player in the family. Attention to William's chess is nothing new, and I enjoy it. A year ago, William was featured in this front page story. While I was at today's third-floor workshop, Denton Chess Club Tournament Director Rob Jones kindly agreed to watch William play chess on the second floor. After four hours, Rob delivered William to the workshop. William had a great time playing chess, and I felt the workshop was successful. A satisfying conclusion to a long day!