Every summer since 2007 I have taught chess at the Coppell Gifted Association's MOSAIC (Marvelous Opportunities Scheduled as Individual Courses). This year, I taught June 7-11 and will teach again August 2-6. Courses are open to rising fourth through eighth graders. (Rising means that is the grade the student will be in this coming fall). For chess, younger students may also take the class if a parent signs up with them.

From June 7-11, I had 10 students from 9-10:30 a.m. and 9 students (including a six-year-old and his parent) from 10:30 to noon. Student surveys at the end of the week indicated that the daily tournament game (where students played each other at the end of each session Monday-Thursday) and Simon Says (where I took students to the gym to follow commands such as "Simon Says move like a rook two squares towards me") were the favorite activities. In 2009, the camp director made me a living chess board. Having that board set up in the gym made Simon Says even more fun, but it's also possible to play the game without any props. Registration is still open for the August session.