Today (Friday, August 8) was the final day of my chess teaching week at MOSAIC, summer courses by the Coppell Gifted Association. From 9-10:30, my son William assisted me with my 16 students, grades 4-7. After pairs of students finished practicing, and getting tested on, a basic checkmate such as king and queen against king, William would teach them five moves of a chess opening. Students wrote down the five moves, thus learning notation too.

From 10:30 to noon William went to engineering. For today's closing activity, parents/friends were invited to advise/encourage their students in a simul against me. I started play at 11:25. William rejoined me at noon. I assigned him to finish, one-on-one, games where I had a large material advantage. We won all the games by 12:25. As a teacher, I'm pleased that my students lasted so long. Everyone took notation and carefully considered alternatives on each move