Square of the Pawn and Passed Pawns for Beginners and Experienced Players (2 separate groups of 20 minutes each)

Chess Etiquette and the Square of the Pawn, though with just one partner rather than rotating, from Children and Chess: A Guide for Educators.

Discussed passed pawns. Reprise of Battleship Chess from Children and Chess: A Guide for Educators.

K and Pawn on seventh rank versus Q for Advanced Players (20 minutes)

As of the end of last semester, some students could checkmate with a K and Q vs. K others could not. The exercise of K and P on the seventh rank versus K and Q provided new material for all students but also included (inherent in the exercise) a review of checkmating and stalemating positions with K and Q vs. K. The activity is in Science, Math, Checkmate: 32 Chess Activities for Inquiry and Problem Solving and is called “Stalemate Surprise.”