Each group spent about 15 minutes with me. When not with me, each group played chess games supervised by the Chess Program Director.

Basic Endgame Checkmates, part two

For Beginners: White: Ke1 + Qd1 + Rh1 vs. Black Ke5 checkmate.

For Experienced: Taught White Ke1 + Ra1 + Rh1 vs. Black Ke5 checkmate.

For Advanced: White Ke1 + Qa1 vs. Black Kd5 checkmate.

In all cases, I demonstrated the checkmate on the demonstration board first. Since this is the second week on these basic checkmates, I called on students to play moves for both sides and just gave guiding comments to them. Then students partnered up to practice and to be tested by me, except for the advanced group which ran out of time for testing. Students have been told to practice these checkmates at home during the week. Students who are proficient can move on to more challenging basic checkmates (such as K and R vs. K).