Denton High School chess club students set up a position from the UT Dallas Grandmaster Invitational (Round 8, Calugar vs. Chirila) and tried to find Black's 28th move. Round 8. White: IM Arthur Calugar. Black: GM Cristian Chirila. All games are on MonRoi under “2012 Fall UTD GM Invitational.” White: Kh3; Qe2; Rooks f2 and a1; Bf3; Pawns on c2, b3, and a2. Black: Kg8, Qe3, Rooks on g5 and f8; Pawns on e6, c6, b7, a7, h7, and g7.  Black to move. Then President Luis had students plan for a party next week and Dr. Root talked about this weekend's showings of Brooklyn Castle. Click on "Read More" for the solution to the given position.

Round 8, Calugar-Chirila 28…Rf6 0-1, The threat is 29…Rh6#. (28…Qxe2 29. Rxe2 Rxf3+ also wins, and was found by one pair of students).