Dr. Root reviewed with the Denton High School chess club students the procedure for tomorrow, April 14, at the NorthPark Center Family Day (Dallas International Film Festival event). First Denton High School students will play each other at NorthPark. Dr. Root will make general comments about chess at this time, explaining tactics such as pins and forks, and concepts such as check and checkmate.

Then six of them at a time will play the public. When a Denton High School chess club student meets someone from the public, he or she says, "My name is ...I am from Denton High School chess club. Would you like to play a chess game with all the chessmen or would you like to learn a chess drill?" Each student has a specific chess drill (suitable for teaching chess to a beginner) that they practiced with each other (along with their introductory speech) today, Friday the 13th. At NorthPark, on the 14th, six of them will be on duty at a time to interact with the public during this part of the NorthPark day. The other six can answer questions about chess or stay close to the chess area.