Chess club members learned how to draw with black from this position: White: Ke3, Pe4 Black: Ke5. For those who missed the previous week, I taught how to win when White has a Ke3, Pe2, Black has a Kf5 and it is White to move. After promoting, then White checkmates with a king and queen against king.

 After learning the king and pawn against king endgames, chess club members tried a problem from "Developing Chess Talent: Creating a chess culture by coaching, training, organization and communication" by Karel van Delft and IM Merijn van Delft, with a foreword by GM Artur Yusupov. The problem is White to move and win: White has a Kh2 and pawns on e4 and g4. Black has a Kf2 and Pf6. The problem combines some ideas from what we practiced last week and this week.