Friday, November 11, 2011, was our Denton High School chess club field trip to UT Dallas for its Scholastic Affiliates program. Mr. Mueller (Denton High School chess club sponsor) and I drove 12 Denton HS students to UT Dallas. We met members of the chess team, toured the Activity Center and Student Union, and played chess with members of the UT Dallas “Student Chess Society” (chess club).  

At the Student Chess Society, there were refreshments. It was fun for me to have my volunteering (with Denton HS chess) and my work (teaching UT Dallas courses) intersect. The UT Dallas students enjoyed playing chess with the HS students, and vice versa. A member of the Student Chess Society, Carlos, asked when we would be back. I said probably a year from now. Carlos replied that we should visit every month! One of the HS students told me that she wished she had a photo of the chess club member she played against.