I just returned from Encyclo-Media. My publisher, Libraries Unlimited, paid for my trip there. I spent most of my time on both days (Thursday and Friday) at my publisher's booth. The booth started with 20 copies of Children and Chess, 20 copies of Science, Math, Checkmate, and 20 chess sets/boards ordered from American Chess Equipment. Buyers got a free chess set and chess board if they purchased one or two books.

At the end of Thursday, there were three copies of Children and Chess left, seven copies of Science, Math, Checkmate left, and no freebie sets/boards left. My talk, with handouts, was on Friday morning. Then I signed books at my publisher's booth. With so few remaining, I did not have to stay for my entire signing time. Customers who ordered my books (after those books sold out) will get their books shipped to them in three weeks. After my books sold out, I visited the OSCO booth, which I believe was the only other booth with chess information at this particular conference. Albert Rine, the volunteer staffing the OSCO booth when I visited it, bought my book and displayed flyers for me. He and I had a good talk about many topics, including how to construct a great Web site for a school chess club.