Tonight I attended Denton Chess Club. My first speed chess game was as black against Julia Jones. It was her move in this position. White: Kh1; Qh4; Rs a1, e4; Ps a2, b2, f6, g5, h3. Black: Kg8; Qc6; Rs d2, f8; Bf4; Ps a7, b5, c5, c4, f7, g6. The white rook on e4 is pinned to the white king on h1. What was nice about the continuation is that more pressure was put on this pin. In other words, just as I taught students last week at T. H. Rogers, when you have a pin, add pressure! The continuation was

1.Rae1 Rd1 2.Rxd1 Qxe4+ and white resigned because of 3. Kg1 Be3+, a discovered attack on the queen. So this game fragment had pins (which I taught on Day 2 of camp) and a discovered attack (which I taught on Day 4 of camp).