From June 2-6, T. H. Rogers public school hosted a chess camp. The organizer was chess parent Martha Jenkinson. As usual, she provided fantastic snacks and lunches for campers and instructors. After each of the four classes per day, students ate snacks of string cheese/yogurt/cookies/granola bars (or lunches of pizza/tacos/nuggets/veggies/fruit) and drank juice/soda/water, then headed to the gym for basketball or went to the playground.

They came back refreshed and ready for more chess learning. I taught tactics to the younger and less experienced chess students, using the approach described in my Pandolfini for Chess Classes blog entry (see May 19th). National Master Jeff Ashton taught tactics to the more experienced students. Answers to his puzzles and camp photos are here. After four days of instruction, June 2-5, June 6th was the camp tournament and also had campers dress up for living chess. I have a week at home before Klein Chess Camp, which still has 10 openings for campers so sign up now!