In my last blog about my son, Ray Robson, I gave a summary of Ray's recent activities and ended with the upcoming 2009 US Championship. Since that entry -- almost one year ago -- much has happened. Shortly after the 2009 Championship, Ray went on to earn his three grandmaster norms, becoming the youngest grandmaster to represent the United States.


A blog entry did not seem enough, so I have written a book about Ray's development from the age of three to the age of fourteen, when he earned his final grandmaster norm. The book includes information about Ray’s actions, his habits, and those personality traits which best assisted him. The book, which will be released in May, can be pre-ordered now at Nipa Hut Press ( You can learn more about the book at this website in addition to ordering a copy.

Thank you for continuing to support Ray as he works towards achieving his goals in chess and in life. 


 The Story of Ray Robson, America's Youngest Grandmaster

You can learn more about Ray and find the book at


Gary Robson