Thanks to Dan Heisman for sending us the chess quotes.

“You have to lose your fear of a rating before you can become that rating.”

“You can’t play what you don’t see.”

“Before you make a move, make sure it cannot be defeated by a check, capture, or threat.”

“More pawns in the middle are good.”

“Never trade something for nothing.”

“If you are going to study openings, you may as well pick a sharp one where knowing more than your opponent is helpful.”

“Chess is all about making decisions; if you don’t want to take the time to make better decisions you can’t make better moves.”

“The average value of the pieces is different in the endgame than it was in the opening and middlegame.”

“In the endgame the king’s fighting value is about four pawns.”

“Think of the exchange as being worth about half a piece.”

“The trick to improving is to find a way to not make the same mistakes over and over.”

“Always play with confidence, aggression, and respect for your opponent’s ideas.”

NM/CM Dan Heisman