Chess is hard. It involves mental, emotional and physical strain. What are the rewards? -Rick Garel

What attracts me about chess is "personal best ". It is the challenge of rising above the level you may find yourself at any particular time. We all strive to improve, regardless of the level of our play, and the understanding we have of the game. And I am attracted when it is done under tournament conditions, where there is serious opposition to you finding the best moves, and playing a game you are proud of. It gets the adrenalin going. Finally there is the great element of "surprise ". Some tactics are truly beautiful to behold. Best if you find them. But much appreciated even when played against you, and you didn't see it coming. -Bob Armstrong

There are few things that can get my adrenaline flowing and my heart pumping like a tournament chess game! Also, like Bob, I believe life is about growth. It does not matter so much what you do, so long as you are continually striving to improve. -Gordon Ritchie

Maybe we play chess for the same reasons that we live: for the occasional glimpse of total happiness and fulfilment. Life just like chess "involves mental, emotional and physical strain" doesn't? The chess player goes on hoping that his next game will be his best ever while most people hope that the next day will somehow bring ultimate happiness if only for a short moment. -Jean Hébert

Why do you play chess?