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The world's only wireless, portable chess managers.
Certified, patented, electronic chess game notationThe MonRoi system was used at over 100 chess tournaments to date, including the World Youth Chess Championship, the World Open, the US Championship, the Canadian Championship, the ECU Individual, the GibTelecom Chess Festival, the Montreal International Category 16 etc.

DGT Projects, E-boards:

Wired, wooden chessboards
Requires additional chess game notation
Since the Chess Olympiad in Elista, Russia (1998) about 4000 DGT e-boards have been produced. *Source:


General Features MonRoi E-Board
Light and Portable Yes No
Takes 30 minutes to set-up 30 devices Yes No- hours
Wireless remote communications Yes No - it's wired
Operates on rechargeable battery Yes No- require power
One laptop manages 100s of games Yes No- 15 games
Saves more than 50 games on the device Yes No- 500 moves
Reviews games automatically after they end Yes No
Provides complementary server Yes No
Connects to the digital chess clock No Yes
Broadcasts approximate time without clock Yes No
Players require training Yes- First time No
Technology developed Year 2005 Year 1998