Turin, Italy
The Open A Tournament took place in Turin, from May 22-29 2006, as part of the 37th Chess Olympiad Festival. The tournament was organized by the Olympiad Organizing Committee, the Gruppo Scacchi Torino 2006, and the Italian Chess Federation under the aegis of FIDE.

All 110 participants used electronic Personal Chess Managers (PCM) to record game scores. These PCMs were linked to the MonRoi Professional Tournament Manager in order to broadcast the tournament live. The games were viewable in real time at the MonRoi World Databank of Chess (WDC). Players, arbiters and spectators all loved it!

Highly experienced tournament arbiters Michele Cordara, Domenico Fasano and Giovani D’Ingiullo implemented the leading edge wireless technology and the verdict was unanimous: “The MonRoi system is easy to set-up and use. Spectators are thrilled with the top quality live broadcast. The games were projected on the white board as well.”  FM Ljubomir Ilic from Macedonia was highly enthusiastic: “I wrote my games for 30 years on paper and it took just one day to switch from paper to an electronic score sheet. The MonRoi device is so easy to use, and I have accurate and clean records of my games. After the match I can replay my game right away on the device. No more messy paper scoresheets!” Jianjun Zhou, a senior MonRoi engineer said: “Our team becomes a part of the tournament organization in terms of assisting arbiters to make their competitions modern and prestigious, while providing spectators with a wonderful viewing experience. With the affordable and easy to use MonRoi technology any organizer can broadcast corporate sponsor logos, thus increasing profits and chess player prize funds.” Zeljka, MonRoi Customer Support Coordinator added: “PCMs are trendy. Electronic records help players to prepare. They can analyze their opponents’ matches on the spot. The individual player photos along with the broadcast are a real big hit. By the way, we have truly enjoyed working in beautifulTorino with this fantastic team of arbiters!”

The Personal Chess Manager is the only patented FIDE approved electronic scoresheet in the world. It records moves using universal pictorial notation, records time spent on each move, wirelessly broadcasts games, receives pairing information, stores games, replays games from its databank of games, views games in real-time, and has SD card capability so that games can be easily transferred to a computer! The PCM in the recording mode is a scoresheet- an electronic one. It is fully secure and tamper-free. With the MonRoi Professional Tournament Manager the arbiter can observe all games in progress in real-time from a central computer. This central hub can detect if players stop keeping score or if there is a three fold repetition draw. It collects results and monitors the time consumed on all games. No more incorrect pairings due to result mix-ups! The MonRoi system is fully wireless and setting it up takes only a few minutes. No duct tape or cumbersome cables all over the tournament hall!

There can no longer be any doubt that the MonRoi system is tried, tested and true. It has been implemented at the 81st Chess Congress in Hastings, England, the Karpov-Portisch rapid match in Novi Sad, Serbia & Montenegro, at the 2006 Spring North American FIDE Invitational in Chicago, USA, at the World Juniors and Girls Championship, Istanbul,Turkey at the Asian Chess School Festival, Singapore, and at the World School Championship in Halkidiki, Greece.

The MonRoi system is here to stay.