We are pleased to announce that the increasingly popular MonRoi system will be available for use by participants
at the 81st Hastings International Chess Congress from December 27th to January 7th in England.

MonRoi System in Belgrade

At the18th Belgrade Trophy tournament from November 22nd to the 30th of 2005, there was a very positive response to the Monroi system from players, arbiters and tournament organizers.  Chief Tournament Director, Mr. Petar Vujic-Katanic (International Arbiter), was impressed with the MonRoi system capabilities. He said: “The MonRoi system would make my life easier and happier. I hope that it will be mandatory in all tournaments.”  Players were enthusiastic about the system’s  easy recording, electronic storage and chess game review capabilities. It was exciting to see youngsters using the Personal Chess Manager with ease.  Parents were thrilled about the chance to watch their kids playing in real-time. With MonRoi there will be no more worries about being left out of the playing hall!

Report from BK Tournament                            

FIDE International Arbiter Sava Kizova files this report for MonRoi: “On Saturday I visited the BK (Brothers Karic) Tournament. The participants were surprised and at the same time excited to learn about the existence of the MonRoi system. I spoke with Alisa Maric (WGM). I explained to her how the MonRoi system works, and how it could help attract sponsors to the chess world. I spoke with two members of the Serbia and Montenegro woman’s team, Ana Benderac (WGM) and Irina Cholushina (WGM). They believe that all members of the team should have a MonRoi Personal Chess Manager.”