The first chess tournament based on the MonRoi system was held in January 2005 in Montreal, Canada.

The MonRoi system was used to date:

- for live chess game webcast of over 150 chess tournaments, about 15,000 chess games, over 1 million chess moves, on 4 continents and in 20 countries;

- in the USA, Canada, India, UK, Australia, Singapore, Gibraltar, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, France, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey, Georgia and Greece;

- at the World Youth, the ECU Individual, the US Championship, the Canadian Championship, the World Open, the GibTelecom Masters, the Hastings Chess Festival, the US Open, the Canadian Open, the Calcutta Open, the Montreal International (category 16), the ECU Youth, the Canadian Youth, the Women’s Grand-Prix among other chess tournaments;

The system was operated by one of the following experts on MonRoi:

 monroi experts 2