St. Laurent, Canada
May 26, 2004

Recognition of successes and accomplishments of enterprises in Saint-Laurent, Cartierville and Mount Royal was a colorful event that permitted all of the financial partners to consolidate their credibility by associating themselves with excellence that is fully recognized by the business community.The jury was comprised of fifty people from the business community. They proceeded with a rigorous analysis of the candidates. The jury members carried out their work by visiting each of the finalists, so as to observe first-hand the accomplishments presented.

Mr. Jacques P. Dupuis, Depute de Saint-Laurent, Governement du Quebec encouraged Madame Giancristofaro: “Votre determination, votre initiative et votre perséverance vous ont permis de relever des défis impressionnants qui aujourd'hui sont reconnus par vos pairs.” Mr. Daniel Dicaire, M.B.A., Ec.D., Directeur General, Developpement economique Saint-Laurent pointed: “Les professionnels du Developpement economique Saint-Laurent reconnaissent tous les efforts que vous et vos employes ont deployes au cours des dernieres annees pour vous meriter cette recompense en tant que finaliste dans la categorie Jeunes Entrepreneurs.”

Mr. Michel Cantin, VP CIBC SMB Quebec emphasized: “It is with great pleasure that I wish to personally congratulate you on the honors you received last May, 26th at the Alpha Gala where your innovative spirit and business acumen in wireless technology have earned you the Young Entrepreneur Award 2004.”

Ms. Giancristofaro said: “I love bringing benefits to clients by creating new technologies. While my job brings me a great joy, it carries responsibilities. Our partners, employees, suppliers and clients trust my decisions, knowing that I create value for all.”