Professional Tournament Manager Hub

Professional Tournament Manager Hub is a portable, wireless device for receiving chess games wirelessly simultaneously from thousands of Personal Chess Managers and transmitting them to a computer for storage and live Internet access.
professional tournament manager
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MonRoi’s Live Chess Broadcasting Technology Benefits

  • Eliminates delayed scoring by tracking each match in real-time
  • Broadcast tournaments live on the Internet
  • Projects chess games in real-time on the wall or on a white board
  • Helps in resolving scoring errors and tie arguments
  • Produces PGN files
  • Produces bulletins automatically
  • Edits chess columns quickly
  • Generates round robin pairings
  • Detects illegal moves & draw positions
  • Produces automatic reports
  • Communicates tournament pairings
  • FIDE approved with advanced security
  • Manages hundreds of games wirelessly
  • "Plug and play," portable, and fast to set up


Our wireless Professional Tournament Manager is an easy to use, secure, and cost-effective way to run live chess broadcast at every level.

Note: The MonRoi system does not generate Swiss pairings, and imports pairings from any excel or text file.


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