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ptm system internet 2We know how complicated, time-consuming, and expensive it is to run successful chess tournaments.

Dealing with lost or illegible score sheets, resolving conflicts, producing bulletins, and attracting sponsorships are just a few of the challenges you face. The role of tournament organizer has never been an easy one - until now!

By working with technical advisors and chess experts, we have designed a system that meets your needs. MonRoi’s system automatically collects chess matches. Players quickly and easily enter their games electronically using wireless, hand-held, tamper-proof MonRoi Personal Chess Managers. A simple tap of the stylus instantly and accurately records each move and transmits the data wirelessly to your Professional Tournament Manager (PTM).

MonRoi’s Live Chess Broadcasting Technology Benefits

  • Eliminates delayed scoring by tracking each match in real-time

  • Broadcast tournaments live on the Internet

  • Projects chess games in real-time on the wall or on a white board

  • Helps in resolving scoring errors and tie arguments

  • Produces PGN files

  • Produces bulletins automatically

  • Edits chess columns quickly

  • Generates round robin pairings

  • Detects illegal moves & draw positions

  • Produces automatic reports

  • Communicates tournament pairings

  • FIDE approved with advanced security

  • Manages hundreds of games wirelessly

  • "Plug and play," portable, and fast to set up

Our wireless Professional Tournament Manager is an easy to use, secure, and cost-effective way to run live chess broadcast at every level.

Note: The MonRoi system does not generate Swiss pairings, and imports pairings from any excel or text file.

MonRoi PTM Screenshots

ptm screen 1 ptm screen 2

ptm screen 3 ptm screen 4

MonRoi PTM Hub and Software

The Professional Tournament Manager incorporates both hardware and software components. Hardware consists of a wireless hub able to communicate with hundreds of Personal Chess Manager devices at distances of over 300 meters. The wireless hub is connected to a Windows-based computer, which runs the MonRoi Professional Tournament Manager software. The computer can be further connected to the Internet through any cable or wireless network, allowing for a seamless transmission of chess games to the MonRoi’s server. 

The primary transmission is via on-site high-speed Internet communications, provided by the tournament organizers. Our portal servers have mirroring, back-up, dedicated 100MB Internet port, 2,000 GB monthly transfer volume, and advanced configuration tools which allow for traffic monitoring and distribution.

MonRoi Live Broadcasting Minimum Requirements:

  • At least one chess player in a single game using Personal Chess Manager

  • MonRoi PTM Hub

  • MonRoi PTM Software installed on your Windows-based PC

  • Internet connection

The computer managing your live chess broadcast is best placed in the tournament room, with no metal obstacles.

MonRoi saves you time and money!

Transcribing games manually from paper score sheets to a computer is a painstakingly slow and expensive process. Paper score sheets are easily misplaced, often illegible, and frequently pose communication problems due to language barriers. MonRoi’s solution eliminates all of these hassles and saves you time and money!

In addition to saving on transcription and reporting costs, you save substantial storage and shipping fees, as well as the set-up costs associated with traditional tracking methods. MonRoi’s pocket-sized system is portable and sets up quickly and easily- simply plug it in and play! Our wireless system also eliminates the liability incurred by injuries caused by cables running across your tournament floor.

MonRoi’s system is easy to use, even if you have no prior computer knowledge. Users who were initially skeptical about this new technology were amazed by its simplicity and accuracy, as well as by the advantages it offers.

The MonRoi system was used at over 100 chess tournaments to date, including the World Youth Chess Championship, the World Open, the US Championship, the Canadian Championship, the ECU Individual, the GibTelecom Chess Festival, the Montreal International Category 16 etc.

Increase your advertising revenues and get a free media channel by using the MonRoi system!

MonRoi PTM Software Quick Tips For Techies

Install PTM Software and Check Hub

Takes about 15 minutes

  1. Install PTM Software for Windows on your computer.

  2. Power up PTM Hub- green light must be steady and orange blinking.

  3. Install USB driver (when using USB port) on your computer.

  4. Connect Serial to USB cable between Hub and computer.

  5. Check computer port USB to serial- COMx.

  6. In Windows Device Manager - Set Bits Per second to 115200.

  7. Launch PTM Software for Windows.

  8. Select your computer port- Tools - Settings – COMx.

  9. Make sure that the power bar has surge protection.

  10. Read PTM user manual!

Input Player Info and Pairings

Takes about 30 minutes

  1. Launch MPTM Software for Windows.

  2. Follow the User Manual in Help.

  3. Save your Tournament file File - Save - TName.ctm.

  4. Enter Tournament Data in Arbiter - Tournament.

  5. Select Enable chess rules on each Personal Chess Manager, OK.

  6. Click on + icon next to Tname.

  7. Right Click on Players and Click on Add.

  8. Enter player names manually or import the list of players.

  9. Right click on Rounds to enter round 1 pairings.

  10. Enter pairings manually or import the pairing list.

Note: Enter Player Names in MonRoi PCMs (takes 30 seconds – 1 minute per PCM).

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