I didn’t play chess tonight at Denton Chess Club, but did a lot of match-making. That is, I recommended opponents for new casual games based on what I had seen of their levels of play. I also liked to match similar-aged opponents, but would pair an adult and a child if their chess skills were similar. My technique does not involve pairing cards. I simply say, “Hey, X, come over here and play Y.”

My match-making goal is for the players to have a challenging chess games and to meet new friends. Also, I think anyone who wants to play should have a game ASAP. Usually at Denton Chess Club three or four of my Strickland Middle School students play. Tonight Jonathan, a SMS graduate who has moved to Fort Worth, came back to play in Denton. It was great to see him again. I also like seeing the other SMS students, all of whom seem to have grown at least one or two inches since school dismissed for the year in June.

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