San Francisco, USA
March 8, 2005

March 2005 - Sharp prominently displayed the MonRoi Electronic Chess Assistant at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco . To support the growing market for media-rich applications such as portable media players, audio jukeboxes, gaming products and other handheld devices, Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas has enhanced the performance capabilities of its BlueStreak"! ARM9-based 32-bit System-on-Chips. The MonRoi Electronic Chess Assistant uses Sharp's ARM processor.

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Calvia, Spain
October, 2004

MonRoi, a company based in Montreal ( Canada ) presented its MonRoi product line at the Chess Olympiad in Calvia. MonRoi enables chess players to electronically record and store their games in MonRoi Electronic Chess Assistant, fully secure hand-held wireless devices, thus allowing Internet users to follow chess tournaments in real-time. Electronic Chess Assistants effectively replace typical paper and pen scoresheets.

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Elista, Russia
May 30, 2004

During the Women's World Championships in Elista, MonRoi founder was featured at a press conference during which FIDE Honorary President Florencio Campomanes announced that a Memorandum of Understanding between FIDE and MonRoi had been approved as a result of the Presidential Board meeting in Serbia and Montenegro. The international chess federation, which oversees major competitions and world championship matches worldwide, is particularly interested in the MonRoi Electronic Chess Assistant.

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St. Laurent, Canada
May 26, 2004

Recognition of successes and accomplishments of enterprises in Saint-Laurent, Cartierville and Mount Royal was a colorful event that permitted all of the financial partners to consolidate their credibility by associating themselves with excellence that is fully recognized by the business community.The jury was comprised of fifty people from the business community. They proceeded with a rigorous analysis of the candidates. The jury members carried out their work by visiting each of the finalists, so as to observe first-hand the accomplishments presented.

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